Welcome to the Blaze: The Rebirth of "DUELIN’ FIREMEN!TM" as an Interactive Comic.

Hello, fans and fellow smokejumpers!

Today, we're thrilled to open the digital doors to a world both familiar and fresh, where the echoes of the past blaze a trail into the future. We're talking about the rebirth of a cult classic, the legendary "DUELIN’ FIREMEN!", transformed and reimagined into an interactive comic book experience unlike any other.

For those who've wandered here not knowing the lore, "DUELIN’ FIREMEN!" was a video game that promised to set the world on fire in the mid-90s. Though it never officially graced screens, its spirit refused to be extinguished. Fast forward to today, and we're stoking those flames anew, bringing its quirky characters, bizarre adventures, and unforgettable soundscapes into the interactive age.

What's in Store?

Our interactive comic isn't just a retelling; it's a renaissance. Expect all-new illustrations that pay homage to the original art's vibrancy, sound bites that echo the game's audacity, and animations that bring its world to life in ways the 90s could only dream of. But that's not all—we've dug deep into the archives to unearth Easter eggs and rarities that even the most devout fans haven't seen.

Behind the Curtain

Creating this comic has been a journey back in time and a leap into the unknown. From digitizing original game assets to crafting new storylines that expand the lore, our team has poured heart and soul into every pixel and panel. We've faced challenges, like how to translate dynamic game mechanics into a comic format and how to ensure the humor and heart of the original shine through in a new medium.

Your Role in This Adventure

This comic isn't just for us; it's for you, the fans, the gamers, the readers who crave stories that break the mold. As we build toward our end-of-2024 launch, we want you on board as co-pilots, critics, and cheerleaders. Through sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes looks, and interactive polls, your voice will help shape this journey.

So, follow us here and on our social media channels as we share more about the process, the progress, and the people making it happen. Sign up for our newsletter for exclusive updates and insights. And most importantly, let us know what you're excited to see, what memories of the original game you hold dear, and what you hope this comic will ignite in you.

The road to relaunch is long, but together, we'll light up the skies with a story that's been waiting decades to be told. Welcome to the blaze—let's make history, again.